Disability Insurance

How to protect yourself from income loss:

Disability insurance means income protection

Disability Insurance Basics

According to the Social Security Administration it is estimated that 25% of people will become disabled before they retire. This is a staggering statistic, and the probability of injury goes up in more dangerous professions. The question that needs to be asked is how long will you be able to continue your lifestyle should you become disabled? Think of disability insurance as a safety net. Should you become unable to perform the core functions of your work, disability insurance will replace your paycheck.

Types of disability insurance 

Short Term Disability

This is coverage that will protect you for a short time. Think 3-6 months.

Long Term Disability

This is coverage that will protect you for years, and sometimes even decades. Because of the way disability plans work, a lot of policies pair short term and long term disability together.

If you are at high risk for injury or worry about losing your financial stability if you ever become unable to work due to injury, call me and I will give you my expert opinion on whether or not this can help you. This is not a type of insurance everyone has a need for, so before you jump the gun, talk to me, and I can help you decide if this can help you in your particular situation.

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Disability insurance can be a complex topic. The benefit of using an agent is having access to my in depth knowledge of the industry. If you would like to know more, feel free to give me a call, for a quote, and I will walk you through all the features of your personal health care plan. You can also visit our FAQs section here.

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